Discoveries Posts & First Ascent Info


Hello All-

Hope everyone is great and ready for the week.  We do have a few sick faculty and OL’s so we are doing the best we can when these unforeseen things pop up and shifting around accordingly- FYI.

If I have any immediate info that you all need these next few days, I will send an email to this group. Otherwise, assume all is well if you don’t hear from me.

The only item to check currently:

If you are going on a Destinations trip on Friday using RTD please make sure your students have their RTD pass. They should have gotten it with their DU ID. If not tell them to go get it at the ID office ASAP.

Remind them all to bring it with them on Friday!!!!

Hope all is fantastic, and you have a wonderful week. Best, Monica

Hello all-

In case any of your students did not get their RTD pass, and they were told they would not be ready until Friday- the problem has been fixed!! 

I personally drove to RTD headquarters in downtown and got extra cards to be printed out for our Destinations trips. The DU ID office is printing away as we speak. They will be ready starting tomorrow at 8:30am and your students can swing by the ID office (below the bookstore) to pick them up if they don’t have them already. Best, Monica


Hello all-

Please have safe and awesome adventures with your students tomorrow. I am running the on-campus Carillion tour in the Ritchie Center, but please email if you need to reach me.  I did have one question from several faculty about students who need to re-schedule their KMC Ascent weekend. I received the info below for the Orientation team tonight.  Best, Monica

***Please share with the student the First Ascent website. Linked here. It will also indicate a form which the student should fill out indicating that they are interested. However, are unavailable to attend their scheduled weekend. 

Website Link

Participation & Exemption Form

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