FSEM faculty will build advising relationships that extend beyond the transactional aspects of academic planning. Across a full year of academic advising, faculty will help students navigate University resources and access various networks of support. FSEM faculty will guide students to make thoughtful course selections while framing the common curriculum as an entrée to formative, integrated, and deep learning experiences. Students will turn to their FSEM faculty member with all manner of questions and they will be expected to provide resources that empower students to find the answers they seek.

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Quick Registration Reminders


Students may have a hold on their registration, which they should check in the “Prepare for Registration” area of the Registration module in PioneerWeb. The various types of holds, and the appropriate people with whom your student should work to remove holds, include:

  1. Financial (see Office of the Bursar of Office of Financial Aid);
  2. Academic (see Academic Advising);
  3. Health Services (see the Student Health and Counseling Center);
  4. Library (see the Library desk);
  5. Social (see Citizenship and Community Standards);
  6. Parking (see Parking Services);
  7. Registrar’s (see Office of the Registrar);
  8. Admissions (see Office of Admission)

Two common types of holds can be handled directly through PioneerWeb:

  • Financial Responsibility Agreement: To view this hold and complete the agreement, please login to PioneerWeb. Once there, click the Student tab, and navigate to My Statement | Financial Responsibility Agreement.
  • Accept/Waive Health Insurance: Health Insurance can be accepted or waived through PioneerWeb. once there, click the Student Tab, and navigate to Registration Tools | Accept/Waive Health Insurance.

What do the short-hand subject codes mean?

  • Check out this document from the Registrar:


If students drop to part-time status (i.e. under 12 credits), they are no longer eligible for DU financial aid or (most often) housing in the residence halls. Students should consult the Financial Aid Office and the Department of Housing and Residential Education for further information. In addition, international students may jeopardize their visa status if they drop below full-time. This also has implications for student athletes. This may also impact the student’s health insurance.


Typically, DU’s financial aid only lasts for 12 consecutive quarters. Students taking time off from school should consult the Financial Aid Office to be sure they understand the implications of a stop-out on their financial aid.