FSEM Fall Trainings Follow-Up (8/31 & 9/1)

8/31/22- FSEM Logistics Training

Hello all-

Thank you for joining us yesterday for the FSEM training. We did record the session so if you missed it, please reach out and Grace can send you the link. The PPTs from Heather’s & Kateri’s presentations are below, as well as the handouts and helpful links. These will also be posted in the appropriate sections of the dufsem.com site.

You can see the schedule overview on these websites:

  1. New Student Discoveries Schedule
  2. Parent & Family Orientation
  3. This is the Discoervies teams’ live Discoveries Orientation Schedule document. It is not a PDF as it is still semi-evolving with minor details. Please reference it for any Discoveries-related questions you may have.

9/01/22- Advising Training

Good Morning & Happy Friday. Here are the presentations from the Thursday Advising training meeting. Grace has recorded the zoom session so please reach out if you need that. Next week will be wonderful, fun, & chaotic like it always is.  Have a restful weekend but know I am on email if you need anything urgent.  Best, Monica 

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