FSEM Info & Announcements- 9/12/22

Hello all-

Hope everyone had great Destinations trips last Friday and your quarter is off to an awesome start.  I have several announcements listed below so please check out all the highlighted areas.  Concur has had some updates so if you have not been in the system recently, they are having a session for training that you can attend. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Best, Monica

Concur Info

If you have trouble with our Concur website for Pioneer Travel and Expense, you may want to attend the upcoming training session

Wed Sep 14 at 10am via Zoom.

Theater Department Announcement

Dear FSEM Faculty

Good morning. My name is Anne Penner, I teach in the Theatre Department, and I also teach an FSEM. DU Theatre is holding Fall quarter auditions this coming Wednesday evening. If you can, please email the info below to your FSEM students. There are tons of high school theater students at DU who aren’t Theatre majors, and we’d love to get them involved as actors and in other capacities. If your students have any questions about these auditions or getting involved in other ways (Theatre classes, working backstage crew for a show, working in the scene and costume shops, etc.) please encourage them to email me: Anne.Penner@du.edu.



Critical Race & Ethnic Studies Request

Hello FSEM professors,

I hope the Fall quarter is off to a good start for everyone! As the incoming Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) Director, I would like to introduce myself (virtually) to all of you. I am Dr. Reggie Byron and in addition to my role as CRES Director I am also a tenured professor in the Sociology and Criminology department here at DU. 

I am writing with a request. If there is any time within the next couple of weeks that I could stop by your FSEM class to give a three-minute advertisement about the CRES minor (and soon to be major), I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to get the word out to first year students. Please let me know if this is an option and we can coordinate an appropriate time. (Reginald.Byron@du.edu

If your classes are already full of activities, but you believe that your students would be interested in the CRES minor, can you please point them to the CRES website? https://liberalarts.du.edu/critical-race-ethnic-studies It will be updated with my new “Director’s Message” shortly.

Thank you very much in advance for supporting CRES,

Dr. Reggie Byron

HCC Fall ’22 Group Therapy opportunities

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