Discoveries Sessions

As part of the effort to re-imagine/redesign Discoveries Orientation, FSEM Discoveries sessions should align with the newly-designed daily themes below (as much as possible) in order to truly assist students in connecting activities, content, and experiences throughout the week. To assist FSEM faculty with this, the topics and objectives below should help in thinking about how to structure this time with students.

We will talk more in depth about these themes and guidelines at the FSEM training, and will make a number of resources available for your use to talk about the topics outlined below in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, September 3rd (1:30 – 3:30pm)
Daily Theme: DU Roles & Responsibilities

Introductions-Frame the week
-Ice breakers
-Ground rules
My DU education-Debrief Convocation and DU’s mission
-What is a liberal arts education? What is its value?
What is an FSEM?-What is FSEM?
-Program overview and course overview
Who is my FSEM faculty mentor and what do they do?-Role of FSEM faculty
-Difference between FSEM advisor and other faculty
What is expected of me as a DU college student?-Student role
-Learning in college is challenging, may be uncomfortable, and is less transactional
-Plagiarism, Honor Code, academic etiquette

Wednesday, September 4th (9:30 – 10:30am)
Daily Theme: Build your community, know your resources

One Book discussion-One Book discussion
-Prep for All Campus Lectures

Wednesday, September 4th (11:45 – 1:15pm)
Daily Theme: Build your community, know your resources

What does my degree look like?-Common Curriculum
-Major exploration & questions to consider (prep for College Receptions)
-Advising structure
All Campus Lectures Debrief & One Book Discussion-Debrief All Campus Lectures
-Continue One Book discussion
-Overview of One Book programming (author visit, Encountering Stories)

Thursday, September 5th
Daily Theme: Explore your Colorado community

Destinations Trips-Get students off-campus
-Navigate RTD
-Do something fun!

Friday, September 6th (12:00 – 1:45pm)
Daily Theme: Create YOUR DU!

Debriefing the week-Debrief the week
-What questions do students still have?
What Do I Need to Help Me Succeed?-Unspoken student expectations
-Campus jargon & acronyms
-Academic resources (Writing Center, Language Center, Math Center etc.)

Meta-Cognition Exercises for Discoveries

Readings and exercises designed and presented by Dr. Kateri McRae during the 2019 FSEM training can be found in the Office365 folder below (note: you’ll need to log in with your DU email address and PioneerWeb password)

Click to access: Meta-Cognition Exercises for Discoveries