Discoveries Sessions

For 2019-2020 Discoveries, each FSEM Discoveries sessions aligned with a newly-designed daily theme. These themes helped assist students in connecting activities, content, and experiences throughout the week.

This year, 2021-2022, we thought it might be helpful to keep these themes and talking points available to assist FSEM faculty in thinking about how to structure their time with students.

Daily Theme: DU Roles & Responsibilities

Introductions-Frame the week
-Ice breakers
-Ground rules
My DU education-Debrief Convocation and DU’s mission
-What is a liberal arts education? What is its value?
What is an FSEM?-What is FSEM?
-Program overview and course overview
Who is my FSEM faculty mentor and what do they do?-Role of FSEM faculty
-Difference between FSEM advisor and other faculty
What is expected of me as a DU college student?-Student role
-Learning in college is challenging, may be uncomfortable, and is less transactional
-Plagiarism, Honor Code, academic etiquette

Daily Theme: Build your community, know your resources

What does my degree look like?-Common Curriculum
-Major exploration & questions to consider (prep for College Receptions)
-Advising structure

Daily Theme: Create YOUR DU!

Debriefing the week-Debrief the week
-What questions do students still have?
What Do I Need to Help Me Succeed?-Unspoken student expectations
-Campus jargon & acronyms
-Academic resources (Writing Center, Language Center, Math Center etc.)