Discoveries Sessions

You can find all of the information displayed here and more in the PPT from the 8/31 FSEM Training session with Kateri McRae. In the PPT, you will find a sample schedule of what to do during each FSEM session during orientation and ideas for connecting with students.

Objectives for Discoveries Week

Build community

  • Get to know student names (I study like there will be a pop quiz)
  • Encourage them to get to know each other
  • Hint at long-lasting ties to the group or sub-groups

Alleviate anxiety and replace it with excitement for academics at DU

  • Answer burning questions, triage advising questions
  • Provide scholarly context for the meaning of required courses
  • Establish yourself as a hub to connect with academic resources

Promote independence and self-directed learning about resources and academic trajectory

  • Set expectations of rigor combined with resources to help students meet the high bar
  • Provide context for resources on campus and prepare for responding to outreach

Provide information about the culture of higher ed and DU to allow all students to succeed

  • Reduce barriers to success and increase a sense of belonging