Orientation Information

FSEM faculty will find detailed information and resources to support you throughout Discoveries Orientation on the following pages. Please let Academic Programs staff know if you have questions about any of this information by emailing firstsem@du.edu.

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OLs) are returning students who are trained to help first-year students make a successful transition to university life, including becoming acquainted with the complexities of being a student at DU. Orientation Leaders understand that FSEM instructors have different expectations, and they are ready to work with you in a way that best meets your needs and style.

Orientation Leaders are responsible for:

  • Helping students get to where they need to be during the week
  • Providing your group with a detailed and specific schedule on Monday evening of Discoveries Week
  • Ensuring that students know where your classroom is for the week
  • Gathering the group to go to large events together
  • Tracking down absent members and reporting daily attendance to the Discoveries office
  • Acting as a communication liaison
  • Meeting daily at 7:00am to get updates for the day and sharing programmatic information (e.g., the computers crashed causing a schedule change for language placement exams); please allow your OL to make announcements to your class so this type of information can be shared.
  • Helping your group to reflect on end-of-day themes and student concerns (which will then be reported to you to potentially address the next day, if applicable)
  • Modeling positive faculty/student interaction through discussion of the essays or lectures

You may also ask them to:

  • Lead your group in a variety of introductory and team-building activities designed to help the group be more comfortable with one another and, thus, more willing to share in the classroom
  • Ease student anxieties by sharing examples of how best to approach faculty
  • Show students around campus
  • Explain how to purchase books and course materials in the bookstore

Orientation Leaders should not:

  • Provide academic advising
  • Lead FSEM Discoveries sessions