Budget Information

FSEM Budget Guidelines

FSEM faculty have three sources of funds for your First-Year Seminar. All of these funds are accessed via reimbursement. Faculty may use a DU purchasing card for all FSEM purchases. All new FSEM faculty will receive a $1,500.00 new course development fee.

Destinations Fund: $25/enrolled student

Each FSEM instructor has a budget (FSEM instructor, orientation leader, and students) to spend on Destinations day. Funds may be used for activities, meals, transportation, etc. If faculty exceed the allotment, Activities Funds may cover additional expenses.

With 19 students in your class: 19 x $25 = $475.00

Activities Fund (Winter and Spring Quarter funds): $20/enrolled student per quarter

Activities Funds are limited to $20/enrolled student and are usually used during the winter and spring quarters. This money is available anytime during this academic year.  Note:  tips are only reimbursed up to 20%.

Materials: New Faculty- $250, Returning Faculty- $100 (by request only, please e-mail Monica directly)

FSEM course materials are available for faculty to use on course materials (books, office supplies, etc.). This money is available beginning July 1. Faculty must submit a request to obtain approval for your reimbursement. The materials are for the current Fall FSEM quarter. Faculty may not use the Materials budget to purchase items for upcoming academic years. Materials purchases made prior to obtaining approval may not be reimbursed or covered by Academic Programs. Purchases should be made for the benefit of the entire class.

Allowable purchases

  • Class meals, snacks, refreshments
  • Cultural, entertainment, sporting events
  • Museum entrance fees
  • Some memberships/subscriptions (contact the coordinator for more information)
  • Non-consumable equipment (electronic/lab equipment). Note: This becomes property of the FSEM program and must be returned at the end of the Fall quarter. The equipment may be loaned to you for subsequent FSEMs.
  • Books for the course (for your own research in developing the course)
  • DVDs for the course
  • Consumable materials for lab experiments

Disallowed purchases

  • Tablets/e-readers
  • Anything with a direct cash value, e.g. gift certificates, gift cards.
  • Alcohol