Update from 6/3

Hi all-

Hope this finds you well! Please see the Reminder & Updates below.  Best, Monica

Welcome Letters from you to your FSEM students!

The Office of Admissions plans to send each FSEM student a welcome video (they provide) and a personalized letter from their FSEM faculty advisor. The purpose of the faculty letter is to welcome students and foster an early connection to you as their faculty advisor.

The primary goal of the letter is to make a connection with students, to offer a few personal words from a DU faculty member, and, as a trusted colleague suggested, to let them know “there’s someone waiting to shepherd them when they get here.”

We have set the June 14th deadline, but you can submit now as many of you are gone for the summer. However, if you would like additional time to compose your letter and/or adjust for emerging information, we will happily accept them through July 1st at the link below.  Examples of faculty letters sent in the past are attached to this email for your reference.

You will need to upload your letter to this link: 


**remember to sign in using your DU e-mail address.

Discoveries & Destination Update

Dear 2021-2022 FSEM faculty,

Earlier this quarter, we asked you to save some dates and times for Discoveries orientation. Last week, leadership in Student Affairs indicated that they are likely to make significant changes to the schedule, breaking with the model of previous years.

If you have not yet formalized your Destinations arrangements, please hold off for now. If you have already made Destinations purchases, reservations, etc., we will work creatively to honor them. Normally, the Discoveries schedule is fully locked into place by this time of year, so we understand your frustration. We will share the finalized schedule with you as soon as we have it.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience,


Heather Martin, First-Year Seminar Faculty Director

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