FSEM Announcement: 2/9

Dear FSEM faculty, 

This is a reminder to please encourage eligible students to sign up for the Path Forward Program before the February 24 deadline. Attached to this email is a list of eligible students who have not yet registered for the Path Forward Program (as of yesterday), with a column listing FSEM faculty, so you can filter by your name to see which of your students have been invited and not yet registered. I’ve also reattached the flyer and FAQs here. If students have any questions about the program, they can contact studentsuccess@du.edu

Here’s a quick note that you could send or adjust as needed:


I hope you are having a great quarter. You should have received a reminder to join the Path Forward Program on Monday, February 6. I encourage you to enroll before the deadline on February 24 in order to connect with DU resources that will support your academic success and to receive the financial benefits and the opportunity for priority housing. Please reach out to studentsuccess@du.edu with any questions.

Thank you for your partnership in getting the word out to students about this opportunity! 

Thank you,


*Please contact University Academic Programs for the nudge list that was originally attached to this e-mail. It includes student information so we will not post it on this site.*

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