Discoveries Update 9/9

Hi all- 

What a wild week it has been- thank you so much for your patience, ability to troubleshoot, and innovate past problems as they arose in your classes. Kelly and the Orientation team have been working super hard to make this week amazing for all our students. 

I hope that you are enjoying this time with your students, I know they are loving this time on campus.  Based on the way things have been going so far, we all need to build in extra time for everything!  We’ve had classrooms without furniture, IDs that don’t work in certain buildings, confusion about testing, and of course, the general anxiety about the world!   

As much as we wish for normalcy in Denver we are just not there yet. RTD is still running on a limited schedule, local restaurants do not have enough workers, and did anyone mention the heat???  Wow- the odds feel stacked against us but being able to be in person this year is such a reward.  Thank you for all that you are doing with your students.  

I have sent everyone the on-campus schedules for the activities you signed up for and appreciate that you’ll try to be at your tour location when you are scheduled.  If it all goes sideways and gets off schedule, please remember the faculty and staff running these facilities are volunteering their time and are trying their best. Just go with the flow, or find an alternative in that moment (hey, take a walk to Observatory Park….)

Thank you so much for teaching in the FSEM this year- we could not do any of this without you!  Best, Monica & Grace

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