FSEM Update– 11/16/21

Hi All-

See the message below about recruiting Student Orientation leaders for next fall. Let’s help recruit as many students as we can! Hope this final week is treating you well. Best, Monica


The Discoveries Orientation office invites you to share with us any students that you believe would make a strong Discoveries Leader for the incoming class. 

Discoveries Leaders play a vital role in introducing our incoming students to the University of Denver community by way of their work prior to and during Discoveries Orientation week. With this, we seek students who have a strong desire for cultivating community, gaining leadership experience, and working in a team environment. Students should have strong verbal and written communication skills, and a willingness to engage in challenging conversations. 

By way of the below survey, we aspire to generate personalized emails for each recommended student, using quotes from your submission encouraging them to apply to be a Discoveries Orientation Leader. As you write, please keep in mind that the verbiage shared should be something you would feel comfortable with the mentioned student reading. 

Please follow this link to recommend a student (or submit the form numerous times for additional students), that you believe fits this description!

Thank you for your time and recommendation,

Liz Spooner, Graduate Fellow Discoveries Orientation  

FSEM Updates 10/18 & 10/19


1- Question student survey help request

Hello FSEM professors!  Can you please give your students a heads up the 1 question survey is coming? The survey will come out this week and we are hoping you can email your class ahead of time with the message we have included below. Thank you for your attention to this request!  Best, The Student Success Team.

Dear Name of Student, 

Heads up! An important survey will be hitting your inbox this week, and DU’s Student Success Team would love to hear from YOU. One of the University of Denver’s top priorities is the overall well-being of our student body. We want to make sure you are thriving here at DU. Your participation in this survey will help us take the pulse of our students’ feelings of success and achievement this quarter. 

This survey is not connected to your academic records, but your participation DOES make a difference. The anonymous results from this survey will be shared with the broader DU community to help peers, parents, professors and staff understand what helps students succeed and thrive on campus. The results will also be presented to leadership at DU to help inform decisions. Plus, you might win a little something for yourself as well!   

Please stay tuned for this important email, and make sure you fill out the survey before November 1 to ensure your voice is heard. 

Thanks in advance!

2- Ordering books for your future classes- General FYI (not for FSEM since this class is meeting)

No doubt, the word/expression of the year is “supply chain problems.” When it comes to books, there are a lot of breaks in the chain, from paper manufacturing to book production to transport. Because of these issues, book orders need to be submitted soon. The deadline from the bookstore is October 15. Remember, it is federal law that students need to know what book they need to buy for a course before they register for it. If you plan on requiring a book, please complete these instructions below.


1.visit https://adoptions.efollett.com/OnlineAdoptionsWeb/onlineAdoptions.html?storeNumber=1282&langId=en_US

2. If you have an account already, select Sign In at the top of the page and follow the ADOPTION section.

3. If you do not have an account, click the blue button that says “New? Register Here.”

4. This will take you to the account creation page; the Bookstore Supplied Password is 1282

5. Before you leave the account creation page, make sure to set yourself up as an “approver” or your order will not process in the system.

6. Once you complete your registration you will be taken to the screen to enter new adoptions; see ADOPTION.


1. Select Order Course Materials, and New Order.

2. Use the drop down menus to select Program (University of Denver), Term, Department, Class, and then Section.

3. The next screen will ask you to enter books by ISBN, or Search by Author and Title, when you have all the ISBNs entered, click “Continue.”

4. This will take you to the review screen, if everything is correct, click complete order.

As usual, email Matt Averach (1282txt@follett.com) at Follett with any questions or last minute changes. 

The bookstore also needs to know if you are not using a book. I realize that it is an inconvenience to let them know that you don’t need a textbook. 


Just a reminder that we have a Professional Development opportunity on Friday October 22, 2021, from 10:30-12:00 Sturm 379 (description below). You will be paid $150 for your time.  Hope to see you there.

Please register at the Qualtrics link below:


**Workshop Description:

Meeting First-Year Student Writers Where They Are

Many college students start their studies without yet having all the skills they need to write successfully. So how can faculty members help students develop their writing skills? This workshop focuses on strategies that instructors can use to support writing development, including building in low-stakes “writing to learn” assignments, providing targeted feedback, and having regular conversations with students about the kind of work they are being asked to do in any given writing assignment. This workshop will be facilitated by Megan Kelly and Juli Parrish from the Writing Center.

FSEM Update: 10/12/21

Hi all-

We just received information that the first-year students got some confusing messaging on who to meet with for advising before registration.

Can you please reach out and communicate with your class that you are indeed their advisor and will meet with them for advising and pin deletion for winter quarter registration.  

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and have a great day.

Best, Monica

FSEM Updates: 10/05 – 10/11


Please see the info below from your colleague Angela Parker.  The event is a great opportunity for our first-year students, so please feel welcome to incentivize participation by offering extra credit. Thanks, Monica

“Nothing Lives Long, Only the Earth”

Honor in the Face of Death & Cheyenne Chief White Antelope’s Song


Over a century and a half ago, Colonel John Chivington led 675 Colorado volunteer soldiers to massacre a Cheyenne and Arapaho village on the banks of what is now known as Sand Creek. Chief White Antelope, one of the leaders of a respected Cheyenne military societies, the Dog Soldiers, saw the militia descend on his people and chose to sing his personal honor song in the face of death. Chief White Antelope earned this song because of his bravery and leadership in the protection of his people.

On October 11, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the University of Denver will welcome George Levi, Creg Hart, Roger Davis, and Kendal Kauley, four Southern Arapaho and Cheyenne singers who keep Chief White Antelope’s song as a living historical source for their community, the generations that preceded them, and the generations yet to be born.

Listen carefully, because as the song teaches us, “Nothing lives long, only the rocks and the earth.”

This campus visit will allow students to consider and learn from Cheyenne musical traditions and to interrogate the connection between the founding of DU and the Sand Creek Massacre. This visit also works to create reciprocal relationships with Cheyenne & Arapaho descendant communities, and to educate the broader campus community about the enmeshed history of our institution and the violent displacement of tribal communities.


  • Please forward the event information to your networks
  • Please post the posters attached to this email, either physically or to social media networks
  • If you are faculty, please consider offering extra credit to your students to attend
  • If you are a student, please encourage your student groups to attend as a group


Monday, October 11, 7:30pm

Gates Concert Hall in the Newman Center (Lamont)

Sponsored by the Lamont School of Music, the Office of the Provost, the Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, the First Gen Program, the Department of Anthropology, the Department of History, the Center for Judaic Studies, the Department of English, and the Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Study of (in)Equality.

Tickets are free at the Newman Box Office, or you can reserve online with a $4/ticket service fee. QR code leads to the online ticket system.


I wanted to send out some information & reminders. As usual the fall quarter is flying by, I hope you are doing well. We have a Professional Development opportunity on Friday October 22, 2021, from 10:30-12:00 Sturm 379 (description below). You will be paid $150 for your time.  Hope to see you there. Please register at the Qualtrics link below:


**Workshop Description:

Meeting First-Year Student Writers Where They Are

Many college students start their studies without yet having all the skills they need to write successfully. So how can faculty members help students develop their writing skills? This workshop focuses on strategies that instructors can use to support writing development, including building in low-stakes “writing to learn” assignments, providing targeted feedback, and having regular conversations with students about the kind of work they are being asked to do in any given writing assignment. 

**Mentoring Syllabus resource page

Attached you will find a Mentoring syllabus resource page. We hope you find the information useful and remember that advising week will be here before you know it! You should plan to use the coming weeks 5-7 to start meeting with your students.

**HCC Fall Quarter workshops

Attached you will also find a list of fall workshops offered by the Health and Counseling Center for your students.


As you begin to advise students for Winter 2022, you may find helpful the attached document with information for faculty about WRIT courses. The majority of students will take WRIT 1122 in the Winter, and the Writing Program offers a variety of different options and themes for students to consider.

The attached documents includes information to convey to your students as well as course descriptions for our offerings.

As always, if you or your students have questions, email me (richard.colby@du.edu)

Discoveries Update 9/9

Hi all- 

What a wild week it has been- thank you so much for your patience, ability to troubleshoot, and innovate past problems as they arose in your classes. Kelly and the Orientation team have been working super hard to make this week amazing for all our students. 

I hope that you are enjoying this time with your students, I know they are loving this time on campus.  Based on the way things have been going so far, we all need to build in extra time for everything!  We’ve had classrooms without furniture, IDs that don’t work in certain buildings, confusion about testing, and of course, the general anxiety about the world!   

As much as we wish for normalcy in Denver we are just not there yet. RTD is still running on a limited schedule, local restaurants do not have enough workers, and did anyone mention the heat???  Wow- the odds feel stacked against us but being able to be in person this year is such a reward.  Thank you for all that you are doing with your students.  

I have sent everyone the on-campus schedules for the activities you signed up for and appreciate that you’ll try to be at your tour location when you are scheduled.  If it all goes sideways and gets off schedule, please remember the faculty and staff running these facilities are volunteering their time and are trying their best. Just go with the flow, or find an alternative in that moment (hey, take a walk to Observatory Park….)

Thank you so much for teaching in the FSEM this year- we could not do any of this without you!  Best, Monica & Grace

Discoveries Day 1 Updates

  • Kelly the Orientation Director just called- they did not get the QR codes put up. Please don’t look for them- just check campus clearance status on students.
  • Kelly Bitner and the Orientation team is in charge of the rooms this week for Discoveries and I am happy to help as best I can.  So sorry this is happening. I am calling as many building manages as I can to double check for you.
  • Please call Campus Safety at 303-871-2334 to unlock your room if you find yourself locked out.

Discoveries Updates 9/6/21

Hello all-

Just wanted to remind you about a few Covid Protocol things but also share some great news. I volunteered and worked in the Spit Testing facility all weekend long and we had tremendous turn out for testing. Saturday, we had 992 people come through and Sunday finished out at 934!

What that means is that we had a lot of FTFY students get in the system so they will be ready to go for your class first thing on Tuesday morning.  Hooray!

Please remember to check the student clearance status of your class on Tuesday morning and if anyone is not cleared or having a Covid protocol related issues you can send them to the help center over in the Chambers Center. Best, Monica

Hi again-

Just want to make sure you all know how to check for student clearance, or your own. It is super easy and does not show any personal info.

They can do it on their phone. They go to:


Enter DU ID (it is their 87#)


Once in it is big and green in the middle of the Screen-

It says:  CLEARED, High Contact Activity

If you don’t see this, please send them to the Chambers Center (corner of High & Asbury). Thanks, Monica

FSEM Fall Trainings Follow-Up

Hi all- 

Thank you for attending the trainings this week. The power points are attached for both Weds & Thurs.  I have also included the links that folks asked for during discussions- see below. Thanks, Monica 

In light of topics arising from our conversations on Wednesday, faculty might be interested in Jared Del Rosso’s 2021 essay on “Pandemic Pedagogy” in Humanity & Society. https://journals-sagepub-com.du.idm.oclc.org/doi/full/10.1177/0160597620987008

Links and follow-up information from the trainings

  • Please send Zoom link to Grace for Tuesday as a just in case (per Covid Coordinators) – Grace.Warner@du.edu
  • Info for how to have Crimson Connect for Live Orientation Schedule: Below are the instructions from Jessie Stellini (also the contact for questions) about how faculty can login to Crimson Connect (either on their browser or if they download the app which has the orientation schedule). 
    1. All of them should now be able to use the “School Login” function in CrimsonConnect and then their first.last@du.edu and SSO Password to log into the system and see everything that’s happening. 
    2. If they are asked to select a “Hub” the “DU Community Hub” is the primary CrimsonConnect portal and the “Discoveries Orientation Hub” is the portal specific for Discoveries this year (it’s set up more like a “Guidebook” style schedule app – than anything). 
  • Info from Advisor Training ** There will be another technology workshop before registration for winter quarter, especially for those frustrated by the wifi.  Exact date/time TBA.
  1. As a reminder, your FSEM students will not be assigned as your advisees in Banner (which will then appear in Inspire) until the end of Week 1 (and it might take until into Week 2 to do them all). If you played around with making Groups in Inspire, be sure that you do NOT use a static group created 9/2/2021 for the rest of the quarter. (A static group will not update with any changes in enrollment.) A dynamic group should work well, or you can wait until your students are assigned as advisees.
  2. See below the template email I currently use to instruct students how to make an appointment in Inspire.
  1. Login with your DU email address and password (same as PioneerWeb). After logging into inspire, you can click “Contact my Advisors” in the Connect box on the home screen.
  2. This will show you a list of advisors currently officially assigned to you, and you can click “Schedule an Appointment.” Then you will be asked to select a modality, topics for the appointment, and feel free to enter any other notes about what you’re hoping to discuss or achieve.
  3. After scheduling an appointment, you will receive an email confirmation, and will be able to see the appointment in the Calendar tab and in “My Appointments and Events” in Inspire.
  4. If you do not have an advisor assigned or your preferred advisor is not visible using that process, you can instead click “Schedule Appointment” from the Connect box on the home screen. Where it says “Select office(s) to begin” select “Undergraduate Resources, Programs, and Advising.” This will allow you to select from more advisors (for example, you may select any of the psychology faculty advisors, or even our generic advising profile, called Psychology, Advising) and see their availability, then schedule an appointment in the same way as described above.
  5. See here for an easy step-by-step guide with screenshots.
  • Many of you were asking about a key for the attributes that were included in your schedule check emails. Here it is:
Attribute CodeAttribute Description
BUSBusiness Interest
ESTMEquity in STEM
FRSTFirst Generation Applicant
HNRSHonors Program
PLPPioneer Leadership Program
PHAPre-Health Advising
VIPVolunteers In Partnership
DENPRODenver Promise
ELIExcelling Leaders Institute
PPPPioneer Pathways Program
SCELLC: Creativity & Entrepreneur
SEALLCLLC: Environmental Awareness
SILLCLLC: International
SPLPLLC:Pioneer Leadership Program
SSJLLC: Social Justice
SWELLLLC: The Wellness House

FSEM Updates 8/25 and 8/30


Hi all,

Happy Monday! Looking forward to seeing you all this week.  I have attached the FSEM Discoveries week room assignments for your FSEM class- Kelly Bitner sent it to us on Friday. Check it out!

Reminder- you need to be cleared for campus and where a mask to our meetings on Wednesday & Thursday.  If you are cleared for campus already – great, you are all set. If you are not and need a spit test, please visit the care pod today to do your test. Here again is the link for you. Best, Monica

Back to Campus Info



Just wanted to touch base about next week’s trainings on Sept 1st & Sept 2nd. As I am sure you have seen the mask mandate has gone into effect for meetings with 5 or more. While the Maglione room (5th floor) in the Sie Complex is large and well ventilated we will all need to be masked. We have ordered extra tables so people can spread out across the room.

Additionally, we will be providing a box lunch on Sept 1st so that you can choose to stay and eat while sharing ideas with your colleagues or take it with you to un-mask and eat where you feel comfortable. The Sept 2nd training will have coffee/tea & pastries that can be enjoyed at your seat where you can un-mask to eat.

Please remember that you need to have completed your Covid spit testing by Monday August 30th to be cleared for campus starting on Wednesday Sept 1st. You must be cleared for campus to attend these trainings.

I have attached the Discoveries week schedule again for you and the student success team wanted me to let you know you are invited you to attend the Student Convocation on Friday 9-10:30 with your class.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sept 1st and Sept 2nd.