FSEM Info & Announcements 5/18: Outreach to students with PIN remaining

Dear FSEM Instructors,

Happy week 8! As always, there are several students who have not yet been advised and cleared for spring registration, although registration opens today and we message that students should have taken care of this by the end of week 7. We’re reaching out to you to request that you make outreach to those who have not yet been cleared.

Attached is a list of all students who had their PINs remaining as of 7 am this morning (Monday 05/15). Please search for your name to see which students still have PINs remaining, if any. Feel free to use the below template to outreach to these students, or write your own.

I hope you are having a great quarter. As you know, registration for the Autumn Quarter opens this week. As of this morning, you have not been cleared for registration. I encourage you to schedule an advising appointment with one of your academic advisors via Inspire or visit the Office of Academic Advising during drop-in hours to receive advising and have your PIN deleted.

As always, feel free to reach out to studentsuccess@du.edu if you have any questions. Thank you for your partnership in our efforts to provide registration support to first year students!

Kind regards,

Office of Student Success  

*Please reach out to UAP directly to see the list.

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