FSEM Info & Announcements: 5/4

Hello all:

Hope your week is going well!  I am sending you an invite from UAP to stop into our Interterm Open House next week. We would love to see you there. Best, Monica

Hello DU Faculty-

I want to invite you to stop by your DU Faculty Lounge (2800 Community Commons) on May 10th between 10-2pm to learn about teaching an undergraduate travel class in the Interterm.

We will have free lunch available starting at 11:45, the UAP office team answering logistic & operations questions, and most importantly faculty ambassadors who have led amazing classes will be there (at times noted below) to share and discuss their experiences.

Mike Kerwin & Helen Hazen – presentation @ 10:15am 

Helen Hazen & Julie Morris- presentation @ 1pm

**These faculty members facilitate engaging courses for exploring focused topics at top international destinations. They will discuss their expertise in incorporating leadership, health and the environment, physical and cultural geography, indigenous knowledge, sustainability, bio conservation, international partnerships, and service learning in their courses.

Let me know if you have any questions- hope to see you there. Best, Monica

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