FSEM info & Announcements: 1/20 & 1/24


Dear FSEM faculty, 

The Office of Student Success is pleased to share that we are again running the Path Forward Program, which provides additional support to eligible first-time, first-year undergraduate students as they plan for their academic paths into their second year and beyond. The program pairs positive academic behaviors with financial incentives to encourage success in their academic journeys.  

Audiences for this program are those who may benefit from additional academic support to support persistence into their second year, including students who are: undeclared; on academic warning or academic probation; or received below a C, Incomplete, or withdrew in FSEM or a common curriculum course in fall 2022. 

Eligible first-time, first-year students have received invitations to the program today, and students can sign up until February 24. Attached are a flyer with program information and a link to sign up, and a list of FAQs. This year, in addition to grant and/or scholarship eligibility, one of the incentives is priority housing for the first 150 students who meet certain milestones in the program.

I’ve also attached the full list of invited students, with a column listing FSEM faculty, so you can filter by your name to see which of your students have been invited. You’ll be able to see eligible students’ invitations to join Path Forward in the notes in their Inspire student record.  *Please message UAP directly for access to this list at uap@du.edu.*

I would be grateful if you could encourage your students to sign up. Here’s a quick note that you could send or adjust as needed:


You should have received an invitation on Friday, January 20th to join the Path Forward Program. I encourage you to enroll – in addition to financial benefits and the opportunity for priority housing, the program helps connect you to many resources at DU that will support your academic success. Please reach out to studentsuccess@du.edu with any questions. I hope you’re having a great quarter so far.

Please let me know what questions you may have about the program, and thank you for encouraging students to enroll and benefit from additional academic and financial support!

Best wishes, 


Kristy Firebaugh, PhD

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success

Mary Reed 302A

303.871.3795  |  Kristy.Firebaugh@du.edu


Hello all-

Wanted to send out several announcements today. If you attended the January professional development session on 1/13 and/or completed the faculty FSEM survey, you will receive your payments in your Feb 1 paycheck. Please be on the lookout. Hope you are all having a great week. Best, Monica

**Here is the link to the resources from the 1/13 professional development on mentoring. It was too large to send so Grace has pulled together all the info wonderful information from the panelist and put it in the FSEM resource page. Please check out the link below.

**Announcing Undergraduate Teaching Diversity Award!***

The Warren and Judy Self Awards for Diversity, Accessibility, and Inclusivity in Undergraduate Teaching 

Thanks to a generous gift from the Hatherly family, the University Writing Program is offering two Warren and Judy Self Diversity, Accessibility, and Inclusivity in Undergraduate Teaching Awards. These awards are designed to recognize faculty (tenure, tenure track, and/or teaching and professional faculty) who have demonstrated excellence in creating diverse, accessible, and inclusive undergraduate classrooms through course content and materials, writing assignments, and pedagogical practices. 

There are two Warren and Judy Self Awards for Diversity, Accessibility, and Inclusivity in Undergraduate Teaching. One award will recognize a faculty member within the University Writing Program. Another award will recognize a DU faculty member outside of the Writing Program who teaches undergraduate courses. Recipients will be awarded $2500.00 and will be featured in the University Writing Program and Office of Teaching and Learning publications.  

To be considered for the award, faculty must be nominated by their department chair/head or program director. Nominees will then be asked to create a packet that demonstrates how their teaching, pedagogical practices, and writing assignments embrace diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity. Evidence of such practices should be presented from multiple perspectives — the nominees’ perspective, observations or letters by other DU faculty, and information from students.  

The department chair/head or program director should notify the nominees of their nomination, and nominees should upload their packets to the following Qualtrics link: https://udenver.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3fynCQVzlEvwTjg

The deadline for nominee submission is February 26, 2023. Only completed packets will be considered. Award recipients will be announced in April 2023.  

In their packet, nominees should include the following materials:

1. A 250–300-word cover letter with a narrative that explains the packet’s contents.

2. A letter of support from a DU faculty member.

3. Materials that exemplify diverse, accessible, and inclusive teaching practices. Nominees may include brief annotations that supplement the cover letter and explain how and why the teaching materials fit the award.

4.  Any student feedback/comments/letters that support the nomination.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of DU faculty and administrators.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of DU faculty and administrators. Please direct any questions to Sheila Carter-Tod (sheila.carter-tod@du.edu), Executive Director of the University Writing Program, or Richard Colby (richard.colby@du.edu), Director of First-Year Writing, University Writing Program.

Monica Kosanovich, PhD

Associate Director, Academic Programs

Mary Reed Building

Denver, CO 80208


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