Remaining Registration PINs and Antigone: 10/31 & 11/1


Dear FSEM Instructors,

Due to technical difficulties, an attachment was not included on an email sent earlier today regarding the remaining registration PINs. Please see the original email below and the file attached to this email:

Happy week 8! As always, there are several students who have not yet been advised and cleared for registration, although we message that students should have taken care of this by the end of last week. We’re reaching out to you to ask you to leverage your potential in-person interaction with your student in class this week to make outreach to those who have not yet been cleared.

Attached is a list of all students who had their PINs remaining as of 7 am this morning (Monday 10/31). Please search for your name to see which students still have PINs remaining. If you are able to approach any students in your class personally before or after class and remind them of the importance of being cleared for registration before their registration time comes, that would be great. You can remind them that the Office of Academic Advising has drop-in availability all week long (see here for exact hours and link for Zoom drop-ins).

I apologize for the serial emails. As always, let us know if you have any questions about advising or need to consult on how to best advise a particular student.

Best regards,

Allyson Mackender (she/her)

Student Success Coordinator

University of Denver

2199 S. University Blvd.


Hello all-

Hope the end of the quarter is going well for you. Please see the attached info from Anne Penner about a great event happening on campus. Please pass this along to your students. Best, Monica

Dear FSEM Colleagues,

I have had the honor of directing 15 student actors at DU in a production of Sophocles’ Antigone. This ancient Greek play, which Sophocles wrote for the Festival of Dionysus in 441 BC, has held a particular power over me the past few months. It has been performed thousands of times, in dozens of countries and languages over the past 2,500 years. It remains startlingly relevant, as it tells the story of an individual—Antigone, a very young woman—pushing back against the rule of law. How many of us have, at least once in our life, chosen to disobey the law because it disagreed with our innate sense of moral justice? How many of us have witnessed excessively proud leaders refuse to listen and take the good advice of their colleagues and citizens?

Here’s a short plot summary:

Ancient Thebes survived a civil war but at a terrible cost. The sons of Oedipus—Eteocles and Polyneices—fought each other for the throne and ultimately killed each other. Their uncle, Creon, has declared himself king and ordered that the body of Polyneices, whom he regards as a traitor, be left unburied outside the city walls. Anyone who defies Creon’s orders will be put to death. Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus, is outraged by the decree’s cruelty and believes it insults the gods as well as the memory of her brother. She resolves to bury her brother’s body, even if it means she will die. Sophocles’ Antigone dramatizes the moral struggles and civil disobedience following war. Originally performed in Ancient Athens during a time of rising national pride, the play exposes the dangers of a leader clouded by their own hubris and praises the devotion of one woman’s fight for justice.

The play will be performed in the Byron Theater, located in the Newman Center for the Performing Arts on the DU campus, at the following times:

Thursday, November 3 @ 7:30pm

Friday, November 4 @ 7:30pm

You can purchase tickets here.

Running time: 100 minutes, no intermission

Appropriate for ages 12+

Director:                                  Anne Penner

Scenic Designer:                     Brian Mallgrave

Costume Designer:                 Janice Benning Lacek

Lighting Designer:                   Shannon McKinney

Sound Designer:                     Almeda Beynon

Technical Director:                  Steven McDonald

Stage Manager:                      Adara Baltazar

Assistant Stage Manager:      Annie Mulvihill

Movement Choreographers:  Diana Dresser + Anne Penner

Movement Captain:                Kate Hebert

Fight Choreographer:             Dale Girard

Translator:                              Don Taylor


Cooper Atchison, Jenna Clements, Hannah Girgis, Sam Werkema, Ryan Thomas, Erin Kubat, Haley Barth, Mo Fine, Libby Williamson, Andrew Sawyer, Ruby Gregerson, Kate Hebert, David Keenan, Kolbe Maksym, and Donovan Cates

Monica Kosanovich, PhD

Associate Director, Academic Programs

Mary Reed Building

Denver, CO 80208

(office) 303.871-2448


Pronouns: she/her/Dr.

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