Info & Announcements 10/11 & 10/12

Winter 2023 WRIT Course Descriptions

OAA has this information, but I wanted to make sure FSEMers had this document as well. Feel free to share with students in your classes or in advising as they consider their Winter schedules.

The majority of students will take WRIT 1122 in the Winter, and the Writing Program offers a variety of different options and themes for students to consider.

As always, if you or your students have questions, email me (


Hello all- Please see the 2 announcements below. Best, Monica

*Hello FSEM faculty,

I hope the fall quarter is going well for you so far! As we approach the middle of the quarter, I wanted to send along another reminder about the faculty alerts system. When a student struggles in FSEM, this is often a strong indicator that the student may benefit from additional support to succeed in college. To that end, we ask that if you have a student who may be at risk of not passing your FSEM course at any point in the quarter, please submit an alert. (More details were sent to all faculty on Monday.)

Thank you for your partnership in supporting your students in this way!

Best wishes,

Kristy Firebaugh

**You are Invited: Celebrating Teacher Scholars: An Evening with Provost Mary Clark and Professor of Law Roberto Corrada

Being a teacher and a scholar are not mutually exclusive, rather, these identities complement one another.  When we cultivate a teaching practice informed by research and the available teaching literature in our field, we are engaging in scholarly teaching. At DU, the teacher-scholar model has been described as the heart of our identity. While being a teacher-scholar blends research, theory, and practice, some faculty go beyond classroom applications and empirically examine their teaching practice. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is a systematic inquiry into changes to teaching practice, the resultant outcomes for students, and the publication of the findings. 

Join us Tuesday, October 18 at 5:00 pm in the Faculty Lounge, CCOMS 2800, for an evening with Provost Clark and Roberto Corrada, Mulligan Burleson Chair in Modern Learning and Professor of Law at Sturm College of Law. Corrada will share his journey through developing innovative approaches to teaching challenges and how he parlayed his creative solutions into scholarship. Please register here to attend:

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