FSEM Info- Concur update from 9/20

Hello all-

We have been informed by the shared services about the Travel & Expense Concur processing change and unfortunately, they will no longer allow Grace and I do a reimbursement for you in Banner. They require you to enter everything in Concur. The link to the website is below to help you-


I have attached the directions to charge your Destinations trip expenses to our org and the org info is below. I do approve every purchase so please make sure your FSEM class expenses are broken out correctly if you have more than one expense listed.  Best, Monica

· Division: 1253 University Academic Programs

· Org/Department: 328262 Destinations

Lastly- here are the directions from Shared Services to sign up for Concur training if you feel you need that:

If you navigate to Pioneer@Work under Employee Tools via my.du.edu/dashboard and select “View Training Calendar”, you can select the relevant training you would like to register for.

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