Info & Announcements 5/3/22

Hello all-

Hope this email finds you well. 2 announcements today about upcoming meetings- please see below. Thank you, Monica

Spring professional development meeting– please see the welcome message below from the facilitator. You will receive $150 if you attend. Please RSVP to attend the workshop by May 6th. Register at the Qualtrics link here:

Greetings FSEM Faculty, 

You are invited to attend “A Heart to Hold,” an arts-based community workshop focused on making space for faculty experiences of COVID-19 grief and loss. The workshop will be held in person on Friday, May 13th from 10:00-11:50 a.m. in Anderson Academic Commons 290.

Over the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty have struggled to support grieving students, while also grieving themselves. Faculty have experienced several losses, including the loss of loved ones to COVID-19, work-life balance, and opportunities for connection. These difficulties have been associated with mental health challenges, burnout, and the desire to change careers. 

Through making “A Heart to Hold” pillow during the workshop on May 13th, faculty will creatively and collectively reflect on their COVID-19-related losses. Being “good” at art is not required! Dr. Erin Willer, Associate Professor in Communication Studies, will facilitate the workshop. Dr. Willer’s research and teaching answer the question: How do we cultivate communication, compassion, community, and creativity in the face of illness, death, and loss? Dr. Anand Desai from the DU Health and Counseling Center will also attend the workshop to provide support.

Save the Date: Virtual Spring Town Hall meeting May 27th from 3-4pm.

You will receive $150 for attending. Registration coming soon. Topic to be discussed:

Dear FSEM faculty, 

Over the past several months, several people across Academic Affairs have been discussing how best to support the strengths of our current first-year advising model and provide students with a well-supported transition to their second year. We have met with every undergraduate academic unit and the FSEM committee to gain a sense of what works well and where we might best target additional advising resources to support students in their first and into second year. Based on these conversations, we would like to share the following updates to academic advising for first year students:

Highlights of updates (more details below!)

  1. FSEM faculty will be paired with an advisor partner from the Office of Academic Advising (OAA).
  2. OAA will be responsible for quarterly registration PIN deletion.
  3. FSEM faculty will continue to meet quarterly with their students to discuss course selection as it relates to academic trajectory.

Additional details

  • Each FSEM faculty member will be paired with an advisor partner from the Office of Academic Advising (OAA) for the year. OAA advisors will be available throughout the year to their FSEM faculty partner to help with challenging student questions or situations related to advising.
  • The Office of Academic Advising will be responsible for coordinating/managing first-year student advising, in partnership with FSEM faculty. (OAA already manages new student advising over the summer for fall registration.)  
  • OAA advisors will be responsible for PIN deletion each quarter. FSEM faculty will still meet with students to discuss their academic plans and provide mentoring to students. If FSEM faculty provide complete advising for a first-year student, they can still delete registration PINs, but this is no longer required.
  • FSEM faculty should communicate to students that whoever provides advising will delete their PIN. OAA will be responsible for this, but will also coordinate with other advisors for quarterly advising and PIN deletion in areas where first-year advising needs in those majors are highly specific (such as Music, DCB, or Engineering). 
  • FSEM faculty should encourage students to visit advising early in the quarter. Individual appointments will be available weeks 1-6 of the quarter. In fall quarter, OAA advisors may be available to visit FSEM classes or offer group advising sessions. In winter and spring quarters, OAA advisors will encourage FSEM students to have advising conversations with their FSEM mentor throughout the quarter, rather than just being limited to advising weeks. OAA will manage PIN deletions in cases where students have been adequately advised for the next quarter prior to the official advising period. Weeks 7-8 will continue to be primarily drop-ins in OAA.  
  • FSEM faculty will be asked to be available each quarter for discussing long-term plans, encouraging reflection on academic progress, and providing meaning for requirements in the context of liberal arts education. These conversations relate to course planning and registration, but ideally, will be more holistic conversations about the student’s overall academic progress and experience at DU, an opportunity to reflect on their academic experiences so far at DU and discuss bigger-picture goals, and how the common curriculum and other experiences can support their progress. There is potential here for additional integration into 4D experiences as this component evolves. 
  • To reinforce the student connection to their FSEM faculty, we are developing a short checklist for all first-year students that describes what they should be doing each quarter to prepare for the next quarter. This list includes items like checking holds and making a course plan, but at the top of the list is that students should be meeting with or talking to their FSEM faculty about progress and planning in their first year. 
  • To support a strong transition from first to second year, OAA will coordinate major-specific advising meet-and-greet sessions in spring quarter. Additionally, Student Success Coaches from OAA will be introduced to first-year students and will support students into their second year and beyond (if desired).

What happens next?

  • In the coming weeks and months, we will be developing the more specific components mentioned above as well as additional communications (for FSEM faculty, as well as for incoming students and other colleagues across campus).
  • We will be holding a meeting on Friday, May 27, 2:30-3:30 pm to discuss the first-year advising model with FSEM faculty, including these updates. Please stay tuned for an invitation.

In the meantime, please share any questions you may have with us. Thank you for your commitment to first-year students!

Best wishes,

Kristy Firebaugh, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success

Tonnett Luedtke, Executive Director of Academic Advising

Heather Martin, FSEM Faculty Director

Kateri McRae, Director of Faculty Advising 

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