FSEM Update- 11/19/21

Hello all-

A note to you from Jennifer is below. We hope you all have a restful break- take care. Best, Monica & Grace

Dear FSEM faculty,

You did it.  You made it thru to week 10.  Let’s just say it, this quarter was rough, and I think that everyone is ready for it to be completely over.  And you are so close!  Thank you for showing up in your classes every day, taking on your coursework, your students’ needs, their quirky behaviors, their distress, their anxiety… all while managing your own self and all the other responsibilities you have, and testing and wearing a mask.   It’s a lot. 

Additionally, I’d like to share some good news. We recently reviewed our FSEM budget and because of fall programming changes, we have additional $$ to support you.  To that end, we are placing an additional $350.00 in everyone’s December 1 paycheck.  I know it isn’t a lot, but I don’t think it is fair to retain the savings.  So, yay.   This is not professional development money; you do not need to do anything to get this money.   

We’ll plan a kickoff social hour in January to welcome folks back for winter quarter.  Happy grading and extended break.



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