FSEM Update– 11/16/21

Hi All-

See the message below about recruiting Student Orientation leaders for next fall. Let’s help recruit as many students as we can! Hope this final week is treating you well. Best, Monica


The Discoveries Orientation office invites you to share with us any students that you believe would make a strong Discoveries Leader for the incoming class. 

Discoveries Leaders play a vital role in introducing our incoming students to the University of Denver community by way of their work prior to and during Discoveries Orientation week. With this, we seek students who have a strong desire for cultivating community, gaining leadership experience, and working in a team environment. Students should have strong verbal and written communication skills, and a willingness to engage in challenging conversations. 

By way of the below survey, we aspire to generate personalized emails for each recommended student, using quotes from your submission encouraging them to apply to be a Discoveries Orientation Leader. As you write, please keep in mind that the verbiage shared should be something you would feel comfortable with the mentioned student reading. 

Please follow this link to recommend a student (or submit the form numerous times for additional students), that you believe fits this description!

Thank you for your time and recommendation,

Liz Spooner, Graduate Fellow Discoveries Orientation  

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