FSEM Updates 10/18 & 10/19


1- Question student survey help request

Hello FSEM professors!  Can you please give your students a heads up the 1 question survey is coming? The survey will come out this week and we are hoping you can email your class ahead of time with the message we have included below. Thank you for your attention to this request!  Best, The Student Success Team.

Dear Name of Student, 

Heads up! An important survey will be hitting your inbox this week, and DU’s Student Success Team would love to hear from YOU. One of the University of Denver’s top priorities is the overall well-being of our student body. We want to make sure you are thriving here at DU. Your participation in this survey will help us take the pulse of our students’ feelings of success and achievement this quarter. 

This survey is not connected to your academic records, but your participation DOES make a difference. The anonymous results from this survey will be shared with the broader DU community to help peers, parents, professors and staff understand what helps students succeed and thrive on campus. The results will also be presented to leadership at DU to help inform decisions. Plus, you might win a little something for yourself as well!   

Please stay tuned for this important email, and make sure you fill out the survey before November 1 to ensure your voice is heard. 

Thanks in advance!

2- Ordering books for your future classes- General FYI (not for FSEM since this class is meeting)

No doubt, the word/expression of the year is “supply chain problems.” When it comes to books, there are a lot of breaks in the chain, from paper manufacturing to book production to transport. Because of these issues, book orders need to be submitted soon. The deadline from the bookstore is October 15. Remember, it is federal law that students need to know what book they need to buy for a course before they register for it. If you plan on requiring a book, please complete these instructions below.


1.visit https://adoptions.efollett.com/OnlineAdoptionsWeb/onlineAdoptions.html?storeNumber=1282&langId=en_US

2. If you have an account already, select Sign In at the top of the page and follow the ADOPTION section.

3. If you do not have an account, click the blue button that says “New? Register Here.”

4. This will take you to the account creation page; the Bookstore Supplied Password is 1282

5. Before you leave the account creation page, make sure to set yourself up as an “approver” or your order will not process in the system.

6. Once you complete your registration you will be taken to the screen to enter new adoptions; see ADOPTION.


1. Select Order Course Materials, and New Order.

2. Use the drop down menus to select Program (University of Denver), Term, Department, Class, and then Section.

3. The next screen will ask you to enter books by ISBN, or Search by Author and Title, when you have all the ISBNs entered, click “Continue.”

4. This will take you to the review screen, if everything is correct, click complete order.

As usual, email Matt Averach (1282txt@follett.com) at Follett with any questions or last minute changes. 

The bookstore also needs to know if you are not using a book. I realize that it is an inconvenience to let them know that you don’t need a textbook. 


Just a reminder that we have a Professional Development opportunity on Friday October 22, 2021, from 10:30-12:00 Sturm 379 (description below). You will be paid $150 for your time.  Hope to see you there.

Please register at the Qualtrics link below:


**Workshop Description:

Meeting First-Year Student Writers Where They Are

Many college students start their studies without yet having all the skills they need to write successfully. So how can faculty members help students develop their writing skills? This workshop focuses on strategies that instructors can use to support writing development, including building in low-stakes “writing to learn” assignments, providing targeted feedback, and having regular conversations with students about the kind of work they are being asked to do in any given writing assignment. This workshop will be facilitated by Megan Kelly and Juli Parrish from the Writing Center.

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