Discoveries Updates 9/6/21

Hello all-

Just wanted to remind you about a few Covid Protocol things but also share some great news. I volunteered and worked in the Spit Testing facility all weekend long and we had tremendous turn out for testing. Saturday, we had 992 people come through and Sunday finished out at 934!

What that means is that we had a lot of FTFY students get in the system so they will be ready to go for your class first thing on Tuesday morning.  Hooray!

Please remember to check the student clearance status of your class on Tuesday morning and if anyone is not cleared or having a Covid protocol related issues you can send them to the help center over in the Chambers Center. Best, Monica

Hi again-

Just want to make sure you all know how to check for student clearance, or your own. It is super easy and does not show any personal info.

They can do it on their phone. They go to:

Enter DU ID (it is their 87#)


Once in it is big and green in the middle of the Screen-

It says:  CLEARED, High Contact Activity

If you don’t see this, please send them to the Chambers Center (corner of High & Asbury). Thanks, Monica

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