FSEM Fall Trainings Follow-Up

Hi all- 

Thank you for attending the trainings this week. The power points are attached for both Weds & Thurs.  I have also included the links that folks asked for during discussions- see below. Thanks, Monica 

In light of topics arising from our conversations on Wednesday, faculty might be interested in Jared Del Rosso’s 2021 essay on “Pandemic Pedagogy” in Humanity & Society. https://journals-sagepub-com.du.idm.oclc.org/doi/full/10.1177/0160597620987008

Links and follow-up information from the trainings

  • Please send Zoom link to Grace for Tuesday as a just in case (per Covid Coordinators) – Grace.Warner@du.edu
  • Info for how to have Crimson Connect for Live Orientation Schedule: Below are the instructions from Jessie Stellini (also the contact for questions) about how faculty can login to Crimson Connect (either on their browser or if they download the app which has the orientation schedule). 
    1. All of them should now be able to use the “School Login” function in CrimsonConnect and then their first.last@du.edu and SSO Password to log into the system and see everything that’s happening. 
    2. If they are asked to select a “Hub” the “DU Community Hub” is the primary CrimsonConnect portal and the “Discoveries Orientation Hub” is the portal specific for Discoveries this year (it’s set up more like a “Guidebook” style schedule app – than anything). 
  • Info from Advisor Training ** There will be another technology workshop before registration for winter quarter, especially for those frustrated by the wifi.  Exact date/time TBA.
  1. As a reminder, your FSEM students will not be assigned as your advisees in Banner (which will then appear in Inspire) until the end of Week 1 (and it might take until into Week 2 to do them all). If you played around with making Groups in Inspire, be sure that you do NOT use a static group created 9/2/2021 for the rest of the quarter. (A static group will not update with any changes in enrollment.) A dynamic group should work well, or you can wait until your students are assigned as advisees.
  2. See below the template email I currently use to instruct students how to make an appointment in Inspire.
  1. Login with your DU email address and password (same as PioneerWeb). After logging into inspire, you can click “Contact my Advisors” in the Connect box on the home screen.
  2. This will show you a list of advisors currently officially assigned to you, and you can click “Schedule an Appointment.” Then you will be asked to select a modality, topics for the appointment, and feel free to enter any other notes about what you’re hoping to discuss or achieve.
  3. After scheduling an appointment, you will receive an email confirmation, and will be able to see the appointment in the Calendar tab and in “My Appointments and Events” in Inspire.
  4. If you do not have an advisor assigned or your preferred advisor is not visible using that process, you can instead click “Schedule Appointment” from the Connect box on the home screen. Where it says “Select office(s) to begin” select “Undergraduate Resources, Programs, and Advising.” This will allow you to select from more advisors (for example, you may select any of the psychology faculty advisors, or even our generic advising profile, called Psychology, Advising) and see their availability, then schedule an appointment in the same way as described above.
  5. See here for an easy step-by-step guide with screenshots.
  • Many of you were asking about a key for the attributes that were included in your schedule check emails. Here it is:
Attribute CodeAttribute Description
BUSBusiness Interest
ESTMEquity in STEM
FRSTFirst Generation Applicant
HNRSHonors Program
PLPPioneer Leadership Program
PHAPre-Health Advising
VIPVolunteers In Partnership
DENPRODenver Promise
ELIExcelling Leaders Institute
PPPPioneer Pathways Program
SCELLC: Creativity & Entrepreneur
SEALLCLLC: Environmental Awareness
SILLCLLC: International
SPLPLLC:Pioneer Leadership Program
SSJLLC: Social Justice
SWELLLLC: The Wellness House

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