FSEM Updates from 4/19/21

Hi all-

Wanted to send a quick update about the deadline the bookstore sent about having your department submit book requests for Fall 2021 now.  I have spoken with the Director of Operations and she apologized for any confusion on timing.  She was trying to get a jump on the summer book orders.

I let her know that the FSEM program CRN’s are being built by the registrar’s office at the end of this week so they will have course numbers assigned and be ready by May 10th

Please have your book orders ready for your FSEM classes by May 12th and send them in via the normal process for your department/college.  Also, please feel free to share my email with any administrative assistants in your area who support you with this process. Let me know if you or your department have any questions or concerns about this.  Thanks for your patience. 

Hello all-

Wanted to send an opportunity your way. Hope you can make it! Best, Monica

Title: Integrating DU Grand Challenges into Your FSEM

Time/date: Friday, May 14th, 10am-11:30am MT

Location: Please contact FirstSem@du.edu for Zoom details.

Participants: Current or future FSEM faculty interested in exploring community-engagement opportunities and/or public-good themes with First-Year students

Description: This workshop is designed to help faculty explore how DU Grand Challenges programs and resources can both enhance their FSEM and provide first-year students with concrete pathways to becoming engaged community members. We will provide a brief overview of DU Grand Challenges themes and pedagogical practices that align with the themes. Next, we will review examples of how faculty have integrated DUGC into their courses and engage in small-group brainstorming to explore connections within participant FSEMs. We will then review how DUGC can support students’ academic and public identity development beyond the classroom through programs like DUGC Student Scholars and ACE grants. Finally, we will review resources to support faculty involvement in DUGC including class grants and paid mentorship opportunities.


  • 90-minute interactive workshop
  • Zoom

Faculty stipend:

  • Faculty participants receive $150 in recognition of their time

Please register here:


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