Reflection and RFP Proposal Reminders

FSEM Faculty Reflection Fall 2020:

We value your opinions and would greatly appreciate you responding to the survey. (Link below) 

Faculty Reflections are due by Jan 10thI will happily extend the deadline to the end of January for those of you who may need more time.  

If you complete the assessment by Jan 10th your $150 will show in your Feb 1st paycheck.

If you complete it between Jan 11th-Feb 1 your $150 will show in your March 1st paycheck due to payroll calendar deadlines.

FSEM 2021 Call for Proposals:

The RFP for you to review is attached and the Qualtrics link to apply is:

This fall, as part of Chancellor Haefner’s strategic imperative to “create a global, holistic, ‘4D’ student experience,” seven faculty members piloted sections of a new 4D-themed FSEM. Please contact Heather Martin if you’d like to join the 4D FSEM conversation and/or integrate dimensions of wellbeing, character, and career and professional development into your FSEM course.

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