Updates and Announcements: 10/19-10/23


  1. The attachment below is for you to pass along to any of your FSEM students who may be a liberal arts major about a new 1st Generation Student support offering in the CAHSS. 

2. Be Advised:  Winter Quarter 2021 registration has been moved two weeks later than originally scheduled.

Winter 2021 Registration 

  • Monday, Nov 2nd
    • Academic Advising and Registration Period Begins and Alternate Pins are ready for deletion. All undergraduate students should be advised and cleared to register by Friday, Nov 13th.
  • Friday, Nov 13th
    • Early Registration for Athletes and Undergraduate Students with early registration as an approved DSP Accommodation
  • Monday, Nov 16th
    • Priority Registration Begins and Honors/ROTC student registration 
  • Friday, Nov 20th
    • Winter 2021 New Student registration begins

Academic Advising and Pin Deletion

  • ALL First- year students should meet with their FSEM mentor to review their schedule and to have their alternate PIN deleted.
  • Business students or those intending to apply for Secondary Admissions to Daniels should attend a group advising sessions and/or meet with a Daniels Undergrad Programs Academic Advisor (303-871-6910, DCBundergrad@du.edu).

  Drop/Withdrawal Dates

  • The last day to drop a course without an instructor’s approval via PioneerWeb is Sunday, Oct 25th


As you may or may not know DU allowed students to defer to a Winter Quarter start because of COVID concerns this fall. We have 26 students who elected to begin their DU career in January 2021 and thus we believe it is extremely important to be able to offer at least one, potentially two, FSEM classes in the Winter Quarter. 

If you are interested in teaching your FSEM class again in the Winter Quarter we can offer pay overload and the additional advising stipend as the faculty instructor.  Please let me know if you are interested in this opportunity ASAP and I am happy to provide specific details to you. Thank you so much for considering this request!  

Best, Monica

Monica Kosanovich, PhD

Interim Associate Director, Academic Programs


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