Student Accommodations for COVID Through Disability Services Program

The Disability Services Program (DSP) reviews requests for and facilitates COVID-19 related adjustments for enrolled students at the University of Denver (DU). TEMPORARY adjustments may be approved by the DSP for immunocompromised students due to an underlying medical condition, treatment plan, medication regimen or who are otherwise determined to be at a heightened risk by their licensed health-care professional with respect to COVID-19. Approved temporary adjustments are provided at no cost to the student.

Students who are immunocompromised, but who are asymptomatic and/or have tested negative for COVID-19 and would like to request academic adjustments due to their increased risk should first work with their academic advisor to determine what course options and delivery methods are available to reduce their exposure and/or best meet their needs.

After working with their academic advisor, if a student would still like to request temporary adjustments or ongoing accommodations associated with being immunocompromised, the student should complete the Request for COVID-19 Related Temporary Adjustments Form (PDF) linked below or complete a Request for Accommodation Form for ongoing disability accommodations. If you have questions about which is the right form for your circumstances, please contact the DSP for assistance. The DSP requires documentation from your clinician(s) or licensed healthcare provider(s) to support your request.

For additional information about when and how to make a COVID-19 related referral to the Disability Services Program please visit pages 47 and 48 in the Creating a Community of Care: An Action Plan for DU’s Fall Return to Campus document.

Disability Services Program COVID-19 web address When in Doubt, Reach Out! Contact DSP at or 303.871.3241.

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