Discoveries Updates- as of 07/31/2020

Good afternoon and happy almost-August. While we don’t yet have the final Discoveries schedule, here are a few updates so far:

  1. Staggered student move-in has been extended by one full day, so we’ll likely have only two (roughly 90-minute) opportunities to meet with students on Thursday and Friday of orientation week.
  2. One of these two sessions will likely be moved online, due to room and social distancing constraints.
  3. Final selection of this year’s One Book is delayed/ongoing, so it will not be part of our Discoveries curriculum this year (including the “One Prompt” submission).

Please expect further updates and changes in the coming weeks. While One Book will not be part of our Discoveries schedule, interested FSEM faculty and students will have many opportunities to engage with the program during the fall quarter if so inclined.

Feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.

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